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 Dai's Characters

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Characters and Miscellaneous for Fire Emblem-War of the Lions:


Henry x Sonya
Frederick x Lissa
Vaike x Sully
Kellam x Miriel
Chrom x Sumia
Ricken x Maribelle
Stahl x Cordelia
Gaius x Panne
Gregor x Nowi
Libra x Tharja
Lon'Qu x Olivia
Virion x Cherche



Age: Twenty-five

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Mercenary


Hair: Short, slicked back red hair with a widow's peak.

Eyes: Jade Green

Build/facial features-

Height: 6'5

History: A swordsman hailing from an old island off to the east of Ylissa. He carries with him an ancient and weathered blade, which was once storied in another world. The fiercest stalwart. Learning to wield axes.


Weapon Levels
Swords A
Axes D

Character(s) for The Legend of Groose:


Age: Eighteen

Gender: Male

Race: Hylian


Hair: Shoulder-length, chocolate brown hair pulled back into a loose ponytail with his handsome bangs framing his face.

Eyes: Crystal Blue

Build / facial features-

Height: 6'4

Loftwing: Cojiro (Blue with red plumage).

History: A senior knight at the academy, this young man takes things easy, and is very laid back.

Dai's Characters Skyloft_Knight
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Dai's Characters
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